Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Do I need a college degree to be a CASA volunteer? Absolutely not! You just need to be at least 21 years of age and pass a criminal background check.
  2. Will the duties of a CASA volunteer interfere with a full-time work schedule? A CASA volunteer has a flexible schedule. You can schedule your hours around a full-time work schedule.
  3. How many hours does a CASA Volunteer have to commit to? This varies depending upon how much time a CASA volunteer wants to commit to. 10 to 15 hours a month is adequate.
  4. How much training is required? 24 hours of classroom training and 1 court observation. The classroom training is available in person, via Zoom, or on-line.
  5. Who provides the training? Lookout Mountain CASA, Inc. provides the training at no cost. The training schedule is flexible. The training can be completed in person or via zoom.
  6. Are there any cost to the CASA volunteer for the criminal background checks? No. This cost is paid for by Lookout Mountain CASA, Inc.
  7. How often does a CASA volunteer attend court? On average a CASA Volunteer is in court 1 time every 6 months.